Fat Bars
Fat Bars
Fat Bars

Old Empire Trading Company Ltd.

Fat Bars

These specially sourced Fat Bar's are perfectly suited to the rider who enjoys the simple pleasure of a strong, durable, and comfortable riding position on their motorcycle.
Made from a lightweight 7050 T6 aluminum alloy, these bars are butted to increase strength, increase durability, and strip unnecessary weight. Engineered with a 31.8mm diameter clamp area for our Empire Risers and finishing in 7/8'' for fitment of controls like our Ultimate Empire set.
Featuring a laser etched positioning grid to help you get the perfect fit, these bars will help you ride harder, faster, and better for longer.
7050 T6 Aluminum Alloy,
Butted Laser etched positioning grid and width marks
Permanent Graphics
Width: 780mm
Rise: 7°
31.8mm Clamp
** Available in a variety of coloured cercoat finishs at extra cost**