Ultimate Empire Switch Casings
Ultimate Empire Switch Casings
Ultimate Empire Switch Casings

Old Empire Trading Company Ltd.

Ultimate Empire Switch Casings

In our mind the ultimate set up using our Classic Empire Switchcases.
As with all our components, these beautiful works of functional art were designed and made to fulfill a demand that we had for our own builds which needed a switch set to be entirely functional, classic in styling and using the most modern quality components. Fully 3D precision machined from 6061 aluminum and throttle housing designed to take most universal throttle grips.
Perfect for use on builds with cable operated front brake and clutch but also adaptable along with remote master cylinders to run hydraulic brake and clutch set ups too.
These switch cases include the pivot bolts and adjusters but come without the levers, and without the push buttons and can be made for internal bar wiring or external.
Designed and Made in England.
Approximate Dimensions (cases only)
55mm L
45mm > 55mm OD
**Sale is for a set of switch cases, 1 x RHS + 1 x LHS**