Empire Risers
Empire Risers

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Empire Risers

Something simple can sometimes be more sophisticated and these risers are just that. After spending a great deal of time scouring the interweb and finding some fantastic products, some sporty, some retro although none quite fitted the bill of clean, simple and functional.
Introducing our Empire Risers, hewn from billet HE30 and tapped to simply bolt on from underneath the top yoke.
You have a few variations on the design in terms of sizing, we can offer sets to directly fit our Fat Bars or in either 1'' and 7/8''. There is also the option for direct fitment onto the Triumphs of a solid mount conversion which removes the rubber mounts from the yokes and replaced them with machined aluminum fittings.
Made in Great Britain
*Standard colour is satin armour black but other colours can be specified upon ordering*